Writing a Better End to Your Story

What's holding you back?

Most behaviors are adaptations to the circumstances, environments and relationships we experience. Destructive beliefs and behaviors are often rooted in the difficult or negative events & experiences that occur in our lives. Learning to manage our life experiences in healthy and constructive ways promotes positive growth and personal evolution.

Our brain changes significantly during each stage of our lives and, incredibly, has the ability to "rewire" itself. We can activate our innate ability to grow new neurological connections, to heal, and develop new, positive, growth inspiring beliefs and behaviors.

As a relational, trauma informed therapist, I work with individuals, couples and families. I have post graduate training in a variety of modalities; EMDR, Post Induction Therapy (relational trauma), Experiential Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Adaptive Internal Relational Network (AIR) Model. Each of these modalities enhances our natural ability to create new neurological pathways that support new thoughts & behaviors and begin to move us intentionally toward our goals. 

I use a collaborative, individualized approach with clients to assist them in constructing and understanding their personal stories. We can not change an individual's story, but we can change the reaction and response to it. With the power of that understanding, a better end to your story can be written.